Handcrafted and Unique

Looking for a pair of earrings that you'll reach for again and again? The Boho Vibes Collection has it.

  • The Boho Vibes Collection

    Earrings from the Boho Vibes collection are created with nature in mind, using mostly natural elements. Lots of wooden beads make pieces from this collection a go-to for almost any outfit!

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  • The Lilian Collection

    Lilian is a beautiful, versatile collection of dangle/drop earrings that feature an accent bead connecting to a decorative, decoupaged main wooden pendant that has a resin-like finish. Perfect for celebrating holidays, gift-giving, or when you're just feeling whimsical!

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  • The Value Vault

    On a budget? The Value Vault is full of handcrafted pieces that will satisfy your craving for the exclusive, all at a great price.

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